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Friday, August 27, 2010


I never knew how sad I'd be without you near to me, my love
I don't want to miss you, just want to kiss you
Please be near me, my love

The ocean swells as my heart for you does so, too my love
So hear my plea and come near to me
For if you leave me I shall die inside, my love

I long for your touch as I embrace only me
I long for your warmth as I embrace the sand beneath my toes
I wander the ocean shoreline as my heart yearns for you, my love

Nothing matters, nothing excites, nothing is nothing without you in sight
Please be near to me, my love
Please hear my plea, my love

If I should cry, if I should sigh
Neither one would bring you nearer to me, my love
Only if your heart should crave me
As mine does for you
Then you will know, then you will show
All your love for me, my love

I miss you........................

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