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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I can't believe I didn't blog anything for the month of January!
It was the start of the new year (2011) and I blogged NOTHING!
I have to say it's because I just wasn't feelin' the beach at this time.
It's cold and snowy here in NJ!
I keep picturing winter time and not sun 'n surf!
But how about some pics of winter seas and winter beaches?
Something different. The beach takes on a whole 'nother look and feel when it's winter there.
I went down the shore in the winter time once. Just to see how it looked.
The sand was still there but had some snow on it.
The waves were crashing but they looked very uninviting and icy!
It was windy that day and me and my puppy at the time didn't stay very long!
I never went back to the beach again to see what it's like in winter. I know!

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