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Monday, November 1, 2010


Watching the sea as it rolls up on the shore
Wetting the sand to its very core
As the sun sets on the waves of the sea
It glistens and sparkles and dances with glee

Seabirds sleep when the night falls so low
Their noise is all gone and it's quiet now
Except for the sound of the waves of the sea
As it rolls up on the shore so repetitively

I wait for the morning with the sun all aglow
To watch it glisten on earth here below
It shines upon water, on rocks and on shells
And as it climbs higher the sea starts to swell

It's such a magnificent thing to behold
It always seems new yet it's ever so old
From the dawn of creation its held such mystique
To everyone yearning to see what's beneath

We get a fair glimpse as we humans explore
The wonders of nature afloat near the shore
The fish and the oysters, the whales and the rest
They all have their beauty as we can attest

There's jewels from the sea, so colorful, bright
There's treasures down there which bring us delight
Respect for the ocean and all that it holds
Is what we should have for creation so bold

Octopus, lobster, crab and eel
Anemone, anglers - they all have appeal
Some beautifully colored and some not so much
Some we can hold and some we can't touch

Pondering the seascape is so relaxing
To just get away when the world gets too taxing
It's awesome and fearsome and so hard to tame
But millions enjoy it so much just the same

So next time you find yourself down by the shore
Breathe it all in as you walk out the door
The seascape's enchanting, enveloping too
You won't want to leave as it calls out to you.

- D. Trent

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